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1/8/2019 by 
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Tooth Replacement 101

Options You Need To know!

Most people have the perfect facial features, but one thing always keeps them from openly smiling a bright big smile, and that’s the loss of teeth. Missing tooth is not easy to deal with and can happen for a number of reasons. That does not mean you have to suffer from the gap in your teeth for too long. With the advancement of science and technology, there is an increase in medical advancements, and when it comes to dental advancements, tooth replacement serves as the most crucial development to come about.

What options do you have?

When you opt for tooth replacement, you’re not only opting for a better oral health, you’re working towards a significant improvement of your life. However, there are a few options that you need to be aware of first and those are:

Option #1: Dental Implants

Dental implants are known to be the best option available for tooth replacement. They are more stable, give a much more natural effect and last longer than any other options available. Since they are screwed into your jaw, they are known to stimulate bone growth and do not cause a degeneration of in your jaw bone. That means your facial features remain significantly the same.  

Option #2: Partial dentures

These offer a more temporary solution which means you may problems with the level of comfort you enjoy. It also has significant effect on your speech as well as your ability to eat, which means it’s no surprise that it is the least preferred option. Since it is a removable denture, it will deteriorate the jaw bone and affect your facial features.

Option #3: Tooth-supported Bridge

This method is quite common. However, it tends to damage healthy teeth as well. It’s often needed to support the crown which means it grinds adjacent and healthy teeth and it also tends to deteriorate the jawbone. This is often because the bridge deteriorates with time and eventually affects both the facial features and the smile. Before opting for this method, it’s always best to consult your dentist and ensure that there isn’t much damage it can cause you.

If you decide to opt for any of these options, the most common and the safest option you could have are the dental implants. Make sure you have a professional checking your teeth. Always contact a professional dentist and get an opinion on which option would be the safest one when choosing a tooth replacement.